Mom, You sure this is right?
                              I stepped in What?
          Hey! Someone call pest control!
   Big brothers look after who?
      I hope butterflies don't bite
Then I jumped on his back!
              Oh Boy! Candy time!
Billy R. Rains JR.

  Clap For The Wolfman
         Billy JR. - 7th Grade
Billy JR & Dick Trickle's Bush Car
I Love Dad's Cooking
So This Is California?
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Billy JR. And Patricia
Band Photo, 2008/2009
 National Honor Society
SR. Band 2010

RR and Patricia 2010
          Senior  Prom
Texas A & M Corps Of Cadets
With Very Proud Mom
                    Corps of Cadets, 2011
Billy JR and Jessie Wedding 6/18